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We love zombies. We think they're unique monster. More frightening in herds than alone, zombies have really started to establish themselves as a formidable creature in the pantheon of classic monsters like Dracula, the Wolfman, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Frankenstein's Monster (also a zombie, by the way).


So we wanted to show our love of zombies by creating this site and hopefully making a little extra money on the side. We researched how to make & design T-shirts, we built the site ourselves, and we're constantly looking for ways to promote our little zombie home.


We don't expect to retire from the revenue generated by this site. In fact, we both have full time jobs, a family, and other activities besides maintaining this site. But it's fun, we've met some interesting zombie-lovers, and we hope you'll make the trip back here now and then to see what new things we've come up with.


All of the T-shirts you see on our site are original, designed by us & printed by us here in our home. Although we have a number of affiliates to help support the cost of running this site, we are striving to create all of our core zombie products by hand.


We love feedback, we love ideas, and we still believe in that mom & pop type of attitude when it comes to running a store. Although you can't walk in and hear a little bell ring, we still think you should feel comfortable here. Let us know what needs fixing. Take your time, let your friends know where this place is and have fun.


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Aaron & Terri Miller


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